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Stories without strings.

Rust & Stardust is a UK theatre company specialising in puppetry and visual theatre.

We produce accessible and innovative original theatre, education projects and unique private events.

Original. Sustainable.

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As seen on the BBC and heard on BBC Radio, Rust & Stardust was founded in 2015 by Eleanor Conlon and Katie Sommers.

We produce our own original scripts and create all our costumes, puppets, sets and props ourselves. We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability in theatre and taking responsibility for our environmental impact.

Recycled and re-purposed materials are an important feature of our work, and promoting their use in our workshops and education projects is a key part of our company ethos. Our workshops are designed to educate and promote a culture of best practice by increasing awareness about recycling and reusing.

Touring Shows
Tailored wonder, designed at scale.

At Rust & Stardust, we are passionate about creating immersive experiences which transport audiences to other worlds, whether in large-scale theatre work, rural festivals, or children's parties.

Having trained at Shakespeare's Globe, Glyndebourne, and London's University of the Arts, our team of creative professionals combines storytelling, technical expertise, and attention to detail to craft events to suit any scale.


From concept to execution, we work closely with our diverse range of clients to ensure that every element is tailored to their needs and vision.

Three Ravens

Our hit English myth and folklore podcast.

Launched in March 2023, Three Ravens is a podcast all about England's hidden past.

Gather round the campfire and listen in...

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Our partners

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