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Dr Dee's Daughter and the Philosopher's Stone

One of Rust & Stardust's Touring Shows, Dr Dee's Daughter and the Philosopher's Stone is a collaboration with Palisander.

Dreams must be heeded, for sometimes they come true...

A musical drama lasting 60 minutes, the play is designed for professional-grade theatres and festival venues, and features four recorder players and two actor-puppeteers from Rust & Stardust.

A collaboration between Rust & Stardust and acclaimed recorder quartet Palisander, featuring puppetry, projection, and repertoire inspired by the setting: Renaissance England, during the reign of Elizabeth I.

Script: Eleanor Conlon

Puppets: Katie Sommers

Costumes: Eleanor Conlon

Set and Props: Katie Sommers

Music: Palisander (arr. Miriam Nervel)

In 1595, Dr John Dee, alchemist, astronomer and magician, relocates to drafty Manchester College, where the Queen has made him warden.

While he is immersed in work and trying to convince the dons he isn't talking to the Devil, his young daughter Katherine is left to herself.

Looking through her father's old diaries, Katherine reads about his abandoned quest to discover the Philosopher's Stone - the Elixir of Life.


Katherine experiments, and manages to summon a playful spirit, Madimi, and with Madimi's aid Katherine starts her own search for the Philosopher's Stone.

But using Dee's magic crystal has opened a pathway, and not all those who use it are as friendly as Madimi...

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Our workshops are a fun and creative way to explore the magic of shadow puppetry, table top puppetry, storytelling, music, craft activities, and more.

After consultation with you, Rust & Stardust's highly experienced facilitators guide classes or groups through a bespoke range of activities supporting curriculum goals which encourage them to be imaginative and expressive while acquiring new knowledge and skills.

All of our workshops also promote sustainability in the use of recycled materials, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

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