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About our Puppet Parties

Launched in 2016, our Puppet Parties have expanded to include 16 seasonal shows designed to suit the interests of every child.

The parties come in four themes which also change with the four seasons.

Our Spring parties run through February, March and April, and include:

  • Piggy Pirate and the Stormy Straits

  • Miss Fox and the Naughty Goose

  • The Tale of Fairy Primrose

  • The Woodland Witches Welcome Spring

Our Summer parties run through May, June and July, and include:

  • Piggy Pirate and the Star of the Sea

  • The Tale of Miss Fox

  • The Tale of Fairy Rose

  • The Woodland Witches at Midsummer

Our Autumn parties run through August, September and October, and include:

  • Piggy Pirate and the Ghost Ship

  • Miss Fox and the Hungry Mouse

  • The Tale of Fairy Crabapple

  • The Woodland Witches' Halloween

Our Winter parties run through November, December and January, and include:

  • Piggy Pirate and the North Pole

  • Miss Fox's Christmas

  • The Tale of Fairy Snowdrop

  • The Woodland Witches at Wintertide

The Adventures of Piggy Pirate

Swash your buckles and clamber aboard The Annie-Sue!

Rip-roaring tales of the high seas for children aged 5-10, including sea shanties, ocean-themed puppets, and nautical puns galore!


Stories include Piggy Pirate and the Stormy Straits, Piggy Pirate and the Star of the Sea, Piggy Pirate and the Ghost Ship, and Piggy Pirate and the North Pole.

Piggy and Matilda the Merpig.jpg

The Tales of Miss Fox

Laugh-out-loud woodland-themed escapades!

Charming stories for children aged 5 and up of two woodland friends who enjoy cakes and quiet, but whose feasts are often interrupted by other contrary creatures...


Stories include The Tale of Miss Fox, Miss Fox and The Naughty Goose, Miss Fox and the Hungry Mouse, and Miss Fox's Christmas.

Fables of the Flower Fairies

Enchanting tales about the magic of nature...

Gentle stories for younger children and fairy-fanatics all about the magic of friendship.


Stories include The Tale of Fairy Primrose, The Tale of Fairy Rose, The Tale of Fairy Crabapple, and The Tale of Fairy Snowdrop.

Fairy Snowdrop 14.JPG

Wonders of the Woodland Witches

My name is Alexa Young

Spellbinding stories of growth and change!

The wizarding adventures of Miss Willow and Miss Wanda, sisters whose lives are often interruped by (very cute) things that go bump in the night.


Stories include The Woodland Witches Welcome Spring, The Woodland Witches at Midsummer, The Woodland Witches' Halloween, and The Woodland Witches at Wintertide.

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