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The Green Children of Woolpit

We come from a twilight land where the sun never shines...

One of Rust & Stardust's Touring Shows, The Green Children of Woolpit is designed for performance spaces of any size and can be staged indoor our outside.

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A mystical drama lasting 60 minutes, the play is suitable for audiences of all ages and features two life-sized puppets and two actor-puppeteers from Rust & Stardust.

Rust & Stardust present a fascinating exploration of the unexplained, told with original music, poetry, and life-sized puppet children.

In the Suffolk village of Woolpit, two mysterious children with green-tinged skin are found by the wolf pits. Are they from a strange land? Are they fairy folk? Or are they simply, and inexplicably, green?

The Green Children of Woolpit is based on a 12th century wonder tale from Suffolk, dating from the reign of King Stephen, about a boy and girl who spoke in an unknown language and, after being adopted, explained that they had come from a land where the sun never shone, and the light was always like twilight.

A lyrical exploration of love, loss and otherness, The Green Children of Woolpit invites us to ask, is magic truly real, or is the real truly magic?

Script: Eleanor Conlon

Puppets: Katie Sommers

Costumes: Eleanor Conlon

Set and Props: Katie Sommers

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Our workshops are a fun and creative way to explore the magic of shadow puppetry, table top puppetry, storytelling, music, craft activities, and more.

After consultation with you, Rust & Stardust's highly experienced facilitators guide classes or groups through a bespoke range of activities supporting curriculum goals which encourage them to be imaginative and expressive while acquiring new knowledge and skills.

All of our workshops also promote sustainability in the use of recycled materials, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

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