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The Tempest

Come unto these yellow sands, and then take hands...

The first Rust & Stardust Shakespeare adaptation, The Tempest is our fast-paced take on an iconic tale of love, romance, magic and revenge. 

At Rust & Stardust, we believe that every story deserves to be told in a way that is as unique as the tale itself. From the moment guests arrive at one of our events, they are transported to a different world, where they can become fully immersed in the story and the setting. Our productions are created through a collaborative process between our team and our clients, ensuring that every detail is tailored to their specific needs and vision. Let us help you bring your story to life.

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Lasting 40 minutes, the production is designed for small theatres, schools and festivals, featuring eight puppets and two actor-puppeteers from Rust & Stardust.

An adaption of William Shakespeare's The Tempest for family audiences, featuring tabletop puppets, live music, magical stagecraft and fantastical creatures.

Script: William Shakespeare, adapted by Eleanor Conlon

Puppets: Katie Sommers

Costumes: Eleanor Conlon

Set and Props: Katie Sommers and Martin Vaux

On a strange island in the Mediterranean, a group of nobles are shipwrecked by Prospero, a duke they deposed many years ago who is a master of magic and manipulation.

Twelve years before, Prospero and his infant daughter Miranda were put to sea in a rotten boat and have survived through their wits and the labours of Caliban, a monster, and Ariel, a spirit, both of whom Prospero controls.


With his enemies at hand, and the stars in alignment, Prospero is faced with a choice: take revenge on his foes, or seek a path to forgiveness...

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Our workshops are a fun and creative way to explore the magic of shadow puppetry, table top puppetry, storytelling, music, craft activities, and more.

After consultation with you, Rust & Stardust's highly experienced facilitators guide classes or groups through a bespoke range of activities supporting curriculum goals which encourage them to be imaginative and expressive while acquiring new knowledge and skills.

All of our workshops also promote sustainability in the use of recycled materials, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

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