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We Shall Be Monsters

If a thing is born looking like a devil, who's to say different?

One of Rust & Stardust's Touring Shows, We Shall Be Monsters is designed for indoor performance spaces.

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A drama for adults lasting 90 minutes, the play is inspired by Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein, featuring complex themes, horror motifs, and two professional actor-puppeteers from Rust & Stardust.

Witness Rust & Stardust's Gothic tale of motherhood and the feminine Frankenstein, with live and shadow puppetry.

Script: Eleanor Conlon

Puppets: Katie Sommers

Costumes: Eleanor Conlon

Set and Props: Eleanor Conlon & Katie Sommers

The Year is 1780, and Ernest Frankenstein’s young wife Clara is desperate to have a child – even if she has to make it herself.

Plagued by illness, and ignored by her husband, she takes solace in her relationship with her maid, Lucille, a woman with a mysterious past and questionable motives.


Yet, when Clara discovers Ernest’s brother's journal, which tells of monstrous experiments and the creation of a creature from the spark of life, Clara sees a solution to at least one of her many problems...

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